COMMITTEES 2018-2019
**By-Laws Revision **General Committee
Terry L Loper -10 Chairman MIGM Richard H. Moen -16 PMIGM
Clinton Cagle -45 IDGM Shawn P. Noble -45 PMIGM
Steve L. Lasure -25 IPCW

**Charters & Dispensations **Membership Committee
Terry L. Loper -10 Chairman MIGM Bradley E. Bingheim -9 Chairman GCG
Clinton H. Cagle -45 IDGM Peter J. Misko -9 GSTW
Steve L. Lasure -25 IPCW Gabe Winzenried -45 GMAR
LeRoy D. Kifer -8 GR

**Constitution Review & Revision Committee Arrangements Committee (Annual Assembly)
James D. Stanton III -13 Chairman GCC Jacob A. Sylvester -13 Chairman PTIM
Peter J. Misko -9 GSTW Elton Gofoe -13
LeRoy D. Kifer -8 GR Garrett Anderson -13

**Credentials **York Rite Cooperation
Thomas M. Cloyd -5 Khristian E. Kay GK - RAM
Ernest Anderson -5 Clinton H. Cagle IDGM - R&SM
Parker W. Dow DGC - KT

**Cryptic Jurisprudence **Cryptic Mason Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc.
John Pratt -13 Chair PMIGM Lyle C. Farrell President PMIGM
David D. Mahoney -25 PMIGM S62 W28218 Ridge Valley Rd, Waukesha 53189
Raymond Mielke -16 PMIGM 414-520-8298

**Distribution Brian J. Hudy Vice President PMIGM
Jacob Lancelle -13 GSEN 3553 S 1st Place, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
LeRoy D. Kifer -8 GR 414-481-7823

**Education Charles 'Mick' Olson Secretary/Treasurer
Bradley E. Bingheim -9 Chairman GCG 618 Clark Avenue, S Milwaukee, Wisconsin
James Stanton III -13 GCC 414-397-3076
Gabe Winzenried -45 GMAR Mick290@att.net
Jacob Lancelle -13 GSEN

**Finance **Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation
Clinton H. Cagle -45 IDGM Lyle C. Farrell Chairman PMIGM
Steve L. Lasure -25 IPCW S62 W28218 Ridge Valley Rd, Waukesha 53189
Michael Fairbank -9 GT heidiandlyle@gmail.com

**Obituaries **ISH-SODI Degree
LeRoy D. Kifer -8 GR Jacob Lancelle -13 Director
David A. Vold -47 GCHP Gabe Winzenried -45 Assistant Director

**Returns & Conditions of the Craft **Thrice Illustrious Master's Degree
Steven L. Lasure -25 Chairman IPCW Richard H. Moen -16 Director
LeRoy D. Kifer -8 GR Gabe Winzenried -45 Assistant Director

**Rituals **United Masonic Board for DEMOLAY
Clinton H. Cagle -45 Chairman IDGM Shawn P. Noble -45 PMIGM
Bradley E. Bingheim -9 GCG
James Stanton III -13 GCC

**Strategic Long Range Planning **Wisconsin York Rite Association
Brad E. Bingheim -9 Chairman GCG Terry L. Loper -10 President
James D. Stanton III -13 GCC 9696 Jancing Ave, Sparta, WI 54656
Peter Misko -9 GSTW Lopertl@outlook.com

**Unfinished Business ** Wisconsin Conference for Masonic Unity
Richard H. Moen -16 Chairman PMIGM John M. Pratt -13 RAM
Terry L. Loper -10 MIGM Terry L Loper -10 R&SM

LeRoy Kifer -11 KT
Richard H. Moen -16 PMIGM
Raymond E. Mielke -16 PMIGM