Grand REPS
The Office of the Grand High Priest of
Royal Arch Masons of the State of Wisconsin
Presents Our Goals

Mission Statement
                    To be a preeminent body of Freemasonry by providing knowledge, skills, fraternity and quality services to our members. To be the premiere choice of Masons seeking further light and complete their Ancient Craft Masonry Degrees, thereby contributing to the strength and vision of Freemasonry. Royal Arch Masonry, in Wisconsin, shall accomplish this by creating a growing, active, relevant organization of great appeal that is well known and respected.

Vision Statement
                    Wisconsin Royal Arch Masonry shall be a preeminent organization for high quality Freemasonry, consistently delivering, by symbols, allegory and example, a moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity. A fraternal organization committed to brotherly love, fostering fellowship, and practicing charity; dedicated to captivating, engaging and educating its members, their families and the community, where the Chapter is a vibrant, respected and valued part of their life.

                   The organization must be committed to excellence among Freemasons, maintaining quality programs and forging alliances designed to aid the Masonic community and develop the character and leadership skills of Royal Arch Masons.

                   A Wisconsin Royal Arch Mason can expect to find, in his fraternity, the opportunity to learn and be inspired; lead and be respected; be challenged; be entertained; cooperate with all Freemasons wheresoever dispersed; and be involved with his family; his companions and his community; and be proud to be a member of an organization committed to making a difference.