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Ven. Jeff T Lichtfuss
Sovereign Master 2018-2019

OFFICERS for 2018-2019
Sovereign Master Jeff T Lichtfuss
Senior WardenWard Nottestad
Junior WardenSean Guarde
Secretary/TreasurerJason Statz PSM
Senior DeaconNoah Schultz
Junior DeaconMichael Roering
ChaplainDavid Mahoney PSM
TylerRoger Chase

Past Sovereign Masters
2009-10Jonathan D Wood *
2010-11Parker W Dow
2011-12David D Mahoney
2012-13Michael Mudrey, Jr.
2013-14Richard Moen
2014-15Jason Statz
2015-16Ross Pollock
2017-18Jeff T Lichtfuss

* Transferred Membership

For Official Information Contact:
Jason Statz, Sec/Treas

since July 2, 2010
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